Transitioning Back to School

Last week the girls along with Isa spent an amazing week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my parents. I had wanted to go but I had to stay home to taxi Yahya to and fro work and football practice. Also, it was necessary for me to be here to pay the school fees in addition to figuring out school supplies.  The trip was challenging for my parents but overall everyone enjoyed it and they all made happy memories together.



The weekend before school started I took the younger girls to the opening exhibit called ArtCycle which was related to the upcoming international bike race that will be coming through the area in a couple of weeks.



As for the start of school, everything has gone smoothly so far. There isn’t too much homework for them the first week. There is more for me actually with signing paperwork and such. Yahya has jumped right in with AP European History and seems to be able to manage his time so far between the academics and sports.
Next week will bring more extracurricular activities and news, Insha allah…

2 responses to “Transitioning Back to School

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    I’m finding the transition into this term, with two in school quite a challenge. its amazing how much time having them in “out-of-home-education” takes up! And I don’t need to give them lifts!

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