Off to a Great Start

I am really pleased so far with how the school year is going. This week did pick up in terms of after school activities, but the older children seem to be able to manage it so far.

We have seen an improvement in Yahya’s time management skills with the addition of the part time job. I have yet to see his grades though. So we will continue to give that time.

Jamilah started recreational field hockey at the Y this past week and is very disappointed as the coach is a parent volunteer and most of the girls on the team haven’t play before. Their first game is Saturday.

Hannah got braces this week and has been adjusting to that. She isn’t eating very much at this point besides yogurt. I take Jamilah for a cleaning today and we will probably start the planning for her braces as well.

Isa has really been enjoying his 2 days a week of preschool and has even been asking if he can go everyday. At this point that isn’t an option for us, but we will see in the next few months. He is also doing well with swimming lessons. I was able to take him to a preschool science workshop at the library this last week where he learned about electricity and circuits.



While they have been at school during the day, I have been trying to get back into shape from having a baby. I have added different types of exercise to my repitoir such as core exercises, biking, and water fitness. I have just been constantly sore for the last several weeks. It is fun though and definitely a positive part of my day.

One response to “Off to a Great Start

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Alhamdulillah, its all sounding good! 😉

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