Rain, Rain, and a Hurricane

For the past week, it has been raining. This weekend is supposed to be rainy as a storm is upon us and this is even before the hurricane has approached. All of the outside activities have been canceled. This is the second weekend Jamilah’s field hockey games have been canceled. Yahya’s football games did go ahead as scheduled this week. His school won both of their games and he is injury free, alhamdulillah. Isa began a soccer skills class with the county this week. They practice in the gym thankfully.

Hannah is set to begin Tae Kwon Do at the Y next week. She is going to try it out for three months to see if she will continue. Now, I just need to get the three younger girls back involved with some sort of sport.

Jennah and Hawwa have signed up for Destination Imagination which Jennah did last year. They also have some upcoming art classes along with Siddiqah through the county.

As for academics, all seems to be going well overall. The only change in schedules will be that Yahya has decided to withdraw from the online Personal Finance and Economics class. It is a required course, but he just wasn’t ready for that type of format plus time was also a factor. After speaking to his counselor who gave us some other options, we decided that he will take the course next year as a recovery credit course. That is a self paced type of course that he will have time to do at school. The faster he completes the course, the sooner he will be able to have a study hall. The study hall this year has turned out to be invaluable.
With a tight sports and work schedule, he needs to finish as much work at school as possible.

In other exciting news, Yahya purchased his first smartphone this week. My father added him to his plan and Yahya will pay him monthly for this phone plus service plan. Yahya was very happy that he was able to do this for himself with money he had earned himself.

Also, I wanted to give a belated Eid greeting to all. Eid was pretty uneventful here. I find the community is more seperation on Eid al Adha due to the sacrifice. There really wasn’t anything special planned for the children. We spent the day together though and the girls baked a cake.

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