Sitting Outside the Bookstore

I have been waiting in the car quite often lately waiting for Yahya and Jamilah on different days while they receive tutoring  in math. I usually pass the time by chatting with my mother on the phone, but today I am blogging. Yahya has also begun meeting with a chemistry tutor now that football is over. He needs to spend more time on both subjects in order to pull up his grade in those classes.

This football session was the best season in over 20 years for their JV team. Yahya was injured a few times so had to sit out for a couple games, but overall he had a great season too! Here is a link to his highlights.  http:// All the games are filmed and each player is able to see their highlights as are college recruiters.

He decided against trying out for the indoor track and basketball teams. Instead he will just condition on his own  at the Y and pick up more hours working there as well.

Hannah and Jamilah continue to participate in the Jr. Leader’s Club by volunteering, going on bonding retreats, and attending weekly meetings. Even though it is quit time consuming, they absolutely love it.

Jamilah also had a wonderful time at an Investigation Now class at Virginia Commonwealth University’s arts program. They studied contemporary art.  There was an exhibit at the end which coincided with a First Friday’s monthly art event. One of her pieces was a projection of what looked like the universe.


The fall field hockey season for her is over. She didn’t enjoy playing for the Y at all. I am not going to get into much detail, but overall we feel like it stunted her growth in the sport. On a more optimistic note, there may be an opportunity starting in March as a new league is forming and they will practice closer to home than some of the oth


er leagues we looked into.

I haven’t yet been able to add the younger girls into the mix much with after school activities during the week at least. The girls have participated in a few art classes through the county such as Chinese brush painting, nature’s art kit, and modge podge leaf collage. The older ones keep my pretty busy with taxiing them around. My husband stays home and cares for Hashem and Isa and dinner, so he isn’t able to drive them around either. I am sure they will have their turn as time progresses though.

3 responses to “Sitting Outside the Bookstore

  1. Assalamualaykum, having some time to sit and wait is a blessing of stillness in a hectic life!
    Plenty going on as ever maashAllah!

  2. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    SubhanAllah i am just catching up as for some reason when I use my blog to try to enter here it won’t let me, so I just googled it and I got in 🙂

    Anyway good to see you are are well alhamdulillah. I really look forward to those times in the car, and really endeavor to taxi around by myself. I bring a book and a flask of tea and get a few minutes of peace.

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